Sunday, 16 December 2012


The contest contest!

So, in this contest, all you have to do is suggest a contest that we should do for you guys! Just comment or email us your idea! The winner gets an imaginary cookie and your YouTube name or anything you want mentioned on your next post!

Conditions: The thing we mention cannot contain inappropriate or rude content. Sorry! This contests ends at the end of this year! Have fun!

Roll up, Roll up: Best lol stories!!!

Hey guys,
We (Ani and Nin) are looking for the top LOL stories of 2012. Please send (email or comment)   us your LOL story and your name will appear with the blog if you win a spot at the top. Make sure that what you send is not rude and/or offensive. We are looking forward to LOLing while reading your stories. This contest ends the second it is the year 2013!!!
Love ya,
Ani and Nin

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