Sunday, 16 December 2012

ANIME REVIEW: Peach Girl!!!

Anime Review: Peach Girl 8/10 

By Ani
I really enjoyed peach girl. It was very interesting and very dramatic! I really liked the drama! It
had lots of funny moments, sad moments, angry moments (mostly at Sae) and of course,
romantic moments!

I would not recommend peach girl to a very young audience because it has some sexual
references and content that might not be appropriate for small children. I do recommend it to
teens though! There is no nudity or violence in this anime, so I think that the age this anime
would be appropriate for is about 12+, but of course, that all depends on the child. I think that
this anime would appeal to mosly girls because it has lovey-dovey themes in it and not much
action and fighting.

Overall, I really enjoyed this anime, I give it a 8/10! Comment what YOU thought about this
anime! Have a great day!
Anime review: Peach girl
By Nin

Hey everybody, has u know this blog is all about anime, manga, drawing, art and NINJAS!!!
This is my very first blog and it is about the anime Peach Girl, have u watched it???

I give Peach Girl... (drum roll please) a 9/10:D
I loved the drama and tension that kept you hooked till the very end of the anime series. The characters had great personalities (specially Sae) that were very interesting and different. These personalities built up the story and kept interesting. The drawing in this series was fantastique, i just love them.

I would recommand this anime series for children over the age of twelve because it has some scenes and things they would not understand in it. I also think that girls who are into romance and/or drama would enjoy this series because it has loads of that. Boys... Im not sure if you would enjoyt his but watch with your girlfriend and see if it has anything you might like.

Please send in your comments and opinions on what you think about Peach Girl.
Luv ya- Nin :D

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